Hell-o World!

I am Otso Turpeinen, a game developer from Jyväskylä - Finland. I've been modding games for +14 years and have about ten years of programming experience. I mostly now days do my projects on Unity & Löve game engines using C# and Lua respectively.
To be honest I've only learned to program to express myself as game designer rather than real interest in programming but I am afraid it has grown on me. Now days it's the fun pastime full of self expression for me. I love games and even spent my early youth imagining/designing things like sequels for games like Commander Keen or One Must Fall 2097.


I was introduced to modding through old Finnish game called Liero and it's hundreds of pieces of fantastic fan-made content. Changed art assets and imaginative weapons in extremely limited sprite atlas made each unique mod stand out fast. Of course I had to learn to use the tools for myself.
Later victims of my modding were Treadmarks, Nox, Notrium, Gmod, Dota 2 and a lot of others I've now forgotten. Nox was most teaching experience as the game was one of the easier games to change in run time with software called cheat engine. Cheat engine being my now days gateway to assembly language and machine language in x86 architecture. My second pick for most influent would be Dota 2 with it's great multiplayer backend.

Game Development

After long time of modding games Löve engine introduced me to a possibility of making my own games. I had dabbled with Game Maker but back then Game Maker wasn't as good as it is today so I didn't see a future with it. Löve engine provides good backend but doesn't hold your hand too much. You decide on draw order, threading, input management, program update cycle and so forth. And with such magnificent language as Lua you can accomplish so much.
Now days I mostly work with Unity & C# but have slowly gone towards scary waters of C++ and Assembly. I will conquer those seas soon enough!
My goals for 2017 are to program my own game engine with C++ and understand the new beast called Vulkan.