The Recursive Dollhouse

The Recursive DollhouseThe Recursive Dollhouse

The Recursive Dollhouse is the top scoring game for innovation and for a good reason. Game's base mechanic has you climbing into small dollhouse inside dollhouse inside dollhouse... etc. You move back and forth between single room dollhouses looking for keys for three types of obstacles.

First chapter

First chapter introduces the recursiveness of the dollhouse. You can jump in a small dollhouse or use jump pad to get in the previous dollhouse. The first chapter also introduces the Keys. You will have to move back and forth between the locations to get forward in the 'story'.

Second chapter

Second chapter brings forth the key-codes. These key-codes were eluded in previous chapter where each door has key-code printed on them. Perceptive player will also have noticed that each key they find has something printed on the tip of the key. You will need to place keys inside dollhouses in their full size to see the small print. Second chapter is all bout teaching player to hunt down these codes. They might be written on a wall, key or another door.

Third chapter

Third chapter introduces switches. And this is the only place where game becomes inconsistent in it's progressive teaching. You are given levers with clear code to indicate what doors it will open. Because the switches being consistent in the way that door can be opened with a key-code (or a key with correct key-code) the levers can never be related to doors that have key or key-code requirement. Levers in this game are completely self contained system that pretends to be part of the same whole.

Introduction level gives impression that we will experience abstract rooms full of bouncy objects to keep the flavor. Sadly the game only has these quirky things only in the first few rooms and focus solely on the puzzle elements.
Game was fun. I played it through and had pleasant time. I hope to see more polished version of this in future.


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