Mino Z

Mino Z

MinoZ started as my first object oriented game programmed in Lua. It was at first intended to be simple quick Tetris clone but it grew into more and more as I fleshed out more mechanics and style of the game.

Life in the background

After lot of experimenting with object orientation as 'life-of-fly' simulator I decided to use something similar as the background clutter for this game. At first the objects were just floating around at random speeds and sometimes changed the velocities. Later with inclusion of music I ended up with pulsing objects reacting to the music.

Playing with friends

I was learning new ways to use Lua when I stumbled upon an article at lua. Space talking about how to best implement player input bindings. With Löve engine's lovely events for attaching gamepads it was relatively easy to include new game playing field. The real problems I had were when I had to make the players interact with each other. Even in the current version of the game the interaction happens only when player sets a tile in place. Plan is to eventually return to this project and implement more interactions between players.

It has a beat, but you can't dance to it

The music was essential part of original Tetris. After implementing the music speed increase after every scored line, the music became core part of this game as well. Interesting part of the development and testing of this game was to notice how even when my implementation of game speed increasing, the player feels like the game speeds up because the music speeds up. It took me long time to notice that my code controlling game speed was faulty.

To the future and beyond

I hope to create the type of multiplayer tetris I would enjoy playing and share the joy. Currently the game features use of tetrominos and/or pentaminos, competitive or co-operative multiplayer for technically any number of players only limited by screen size.
What I hope to add to the game is more tile sets and player interactions for both competitive and co-operative modes, possibly even online multiplayer. Game still lacks lot of visual and sound effects so I hope to improve the game with them in future.