Shockwave Mayhem In Cyberspace

Shockwave Mayhem In Cyberspace

Shockwave Mayhem In Cyberspace is party game made for Global Game Jam 2017. Game was developed in 48 hours and the theme of the jam was "Waves". Our objective when coming to the jam was to create game that makes use of AirConsole service. AirConsole can be used to create WebGL games where players can use their smartphones as game controllers.

Game Design

We spent first few hours after announcement of the theme brainstorming and dining. Our game concept was to make football game where you interact with the ball using shockwaves that are cast when ever play jumps and stomps on the ground. We decided on art direction to be mix of 2D pixel art and 3D primitives. 3D art quality was not very good since we did not have experienced 3D artist in our team.

Everyone doing their part

My role in the project was programming player controller and the interface with AirConsole API. The Airconsole uses json packages to communicate with Unity engine so using helpful libraries interface was easy to implement. The controller.html file was the bigger problem as my experience with javascript's touch API is not very extensive. In the end we decided to go with the wonderful game controller generator provided by AirConsole. Even still I admit that there are some issues with the controller and I think those mostly had something do with either input lag, multi-touch implementation or mix both.


The shockwaves were simple cylinder that was flattened like pancake and would keep list of all colliders it had touched so far. This was to make sure the effect of the shockwave was predictable. I attached high resolution sprite instead of doing some shader magic like I originally intended as we were running out of time.

Afterthoughts and post jam.

The project was very hectic as two of our team was involved in organizing the game jam. We will continue the game to submit it for the AirConsole competition.