Yaaaar! Match 3

Yaaaar! Match 3

Yaaar was my first attempt at actual mobile game. Goal was to develop game with basic match-3 mechanics and the user interface for mobile platform. End result is not pretty but it works. Yaaar! the two player pirate death-match-3

Location, location, location

It might tell quite a lot about my personality and need for constant stimuli when I tell that I programmed lot of this on my phone during a lecture. When combined with the less sophisticated text processor with no modern day features like auto complete or code snippets resulted in code that is difficult to read and completely uncommented.


I was more at home with data-driven structure at the time of making this and inexperience with creating my own class definition in Lua so the whole project is in single blob file.
1k lines of code mostly contains definitions and constant strings for file paths. The rest is very minimally named logic for tile selection, animation, match finding and player turns. This all quickly became unwieldy to develop on mobile text editor so I lost interest.

Intended design

The features that were missing from the game was the "crew" system. Pre-game screen where players could select their three unique crew members with special abilities. Players could collect money during a game to upgrade the abilities they provided. The abilities could be passive effects such as simply increasing the player attack damage or more complex like stealing enemy gold when attacking. They could also be active abilities where you needed to pay the activation cost with gold.